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DTC Database (OBD-II Trouble Codes)

Definitions for Mazda diagnostic trouble codes.

Mazda Trouble Codes

P1100 MAF Intermittant
P1101 MAF Out Of Range
P1116 ECT Sensor Out Of Range
P1117 ECT Intermittent
P1120 TPS Out Of Range Low
P1124 TPS Out Of Self Test Range
P1125 Tandem Throttle Position Sensor
P1129 Downstream O2 Sensors Swapped Bank To Bank (HO2S-12-22)
P1130 Heated O2 Sensor (HO2S) 11 At Adaptive Limit
P1131 HO2S 11 Indicates Lean
P1132 HO2S 11 Indicates Rich
P1260 Theft Detected - Engine Disabled
P1270 Vehicle Speed Limiter Reached
P1390 Octane Adjust Out Of Range
P1400 DPFE Sensor Low Voltage
P1401 DPFE Sensor High Voltage
P1403 DPFE Hoses Reversed
P1405 DPFE Upstream Hose Off Or Plugged
P1406 DPFE Downstream Hose Off Or Plugged
P1407 EGR No Flow Detected
P1408 EGR Out Of Self Test Range
P1409 EGR Vacuum Regulator Solenoid Circuit Malfunction
P1443 Evaporative Emission Control System
P1444 Purge Flow Sensor Low Input
P1445 Purge Flow Sensor High Input
P1460 WOT A/C Cutoff Circuit Malfunction
P1500 Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) Intermittant
P1505 Idle Air Control At Adaptive Clip
P1506 Idle Air Control System Overspeed Error
P1507 Idle Air Control System Underspeed Error
P1605 Powertrain Control Module
P1650 Power Steering Pressure Switch Out Of Range
P1651 Power Steering Pressure Switch Input Malfunction
P1701 Transmission Solenoid Malfunction
P1703 Brake On/Off Switch
P1705 Transmisson Range Sensor
P1709 Park/Neutral Position Switch Out Of Range
P1711 Transmission Fluid Temperature Sensor
P1729 4x4 Low Switch Malfunction
P1746 EPC Solenoid Failed Low
P1747 EPC Solenoid Short Circuit
P1749 EPC Solenoid Open Circuit
P1751 Shift Solenoid #1 (SS1)
P1754 Coast Clutch Solenoid
P1756 Shift Solenoid #2 (SS2)
P1761 Shift Solenoid #3 (SS3)
P1780 Transmission Control Switch
P1781 4x4 Switch Out Of Range
P1783 Transmission Over Temperature Condition

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