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DTC Database (OBD-II Trouble Codes)

Definitions for Mitsubishi diagnostic trouble codes.

Mitsubishi Trouble Codes

P1103 Turbocharger Wastegate Actuator.
P1104 Turbocharger Wastegate Solenoid.
P1105 Fuel Pressure Solenoid.
P1300 Ignition Timing Adjustment circuit.
P1400 Manifold Differential Pressure Sensor circuit.
P1500 Alternator FR Terminal circuit.
P1600 Serial Communication Link.
P1715 Pulse Generator Assembly.
P1750 Solenoid Assembly.
P1751 A/T Control Relay.
P1791 Engine Coolant Temperature Level Input circuit.
P1795 Throttle Position Input circuit to TCM.

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